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Good Times Square and Round Dance Club


Added schedules for September and October. Added September-October Bulletin.  Updated Flyers for Upcoming Events.  Updated lessons page.

(The site was updated on August 30, 2023, at 11:55 AM.)

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(click for information about lessons)

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(revised 08/30/2023)
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(updated February 19, 2020)
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Winner of the Chili Contest
Frontier Days 2022
(Colleen (left))

Chili Champ 2022.JPG
(updated January 2, 2019)
(updated December 18, 2016)
(updated November 5, 2019)
(updated November 17, 2017)

GOOD TIMES SQUARE AND ROUND DANCE CLUB; a non-profit organization  and

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