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The Good Times Traveling Bears

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The Good Times Traveling Bear program has been around for almost 20 years. In the past a bear has been given to a visitor at a Good Times dance who then took their bear to other dances. The bear then travelled with the new dancer and was given to still another dancer who continued theame cycle and over the years and many wonderful stories and pictures of the bears in their new environment was sent to the club. This year we are reinstating the Traveling Bear program, and thanks to Millicent's hard work we now have 6 new bears all ready to go.

I'll keep all of you informed of their upcoming adventures.

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News about  Tom T. Bear.

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From: werner heller

Date: 05/2/15 03:25:36

Subject: Tom T. Bear from Las Vegas


Hallo friends of Squaredance,


The lucky mascot „Tom T. Bear“ arrived a few days ago at the northern part of Germany – lower saxony. Tom gave a guest performence at the „Square Dreamers“ in Hildesheim and also at the „Leine Valley Squares“ in Hannover. Now we will send him to the southern part of Germany.


Best regards from

Werner Heller



Gesendet: Montag, 30. März 2015 um 17:29 Uhr
Von: "Melani Henke" <>
Betreff: Tom travels to Barden Foxes


Dear dancers from Good Times Square and Round dance Club of Las Vegas, Yesterday, I got Tom from the Barbarossa Promenaders seated in Gelnhausen, Hesse, Germany, which I visited.  Myself, I dance at Barden Foxes in Bardowick, near Lüneburg, Lower Saxony in the north of Germany. I think, Tom is a really fantastic idea and I'm amazed. Tom danced with us, awesome.


On Easter weekend, I'm going to travel to Plön, Schleswig-Holstein. We will dance with about hundred Dancers.  I will try to give Tom to another country of Europe to let his journey getting more exciting.


I looked for the journey of Tom at your homepage. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any story about his travel. Could you please inform me about his past trip?


Thank you very much and always happy dancing,



Good Times Traveling Bears

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     The Good Times Traveling Bear program has been around for almost 20 years.  In the past a bear has been given to a visitor at a Good Times dance who then took their bear to other dances.  The bear then traveled with the new dancer and was given to yet another dancer who continued the same cycle.  Over the years many wonderful stories and pictures of the bears in their new environment were sent to our club.   This year we are reinstating the Traveling Bear program, and thanks to Millicent's hard work we now have 6 new bears ready to make new trips.

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It is Debbie T. Bear's first trip to the Netherlands (as far we know) and we think she had a great time.  She’s got a traveling box and a Journal-Travel book and a lot of clubs were “fighting” for a visit of her.  At this moment (2012-2013), we think she’s still in the Netherlands touring around and doing all kind of nice things.


A last remark from Janny and Peter:  We started square and round dancing in 1982, graduated in 1983, and since that time have been members of different clubs and touring and dancing around in Europe.  But, we never, never have seen a doll like Debbie T. or her brothers and sisters making advertisement for a square dance club.  We have seen a lot of  “dolls,” but only as a representative of a club, or private dolls.  What a wonderful idea!  We hope that the next story of  Debbie T‘s travels will appear soon.



From Fien and Han, Debbie T. Bear went with Monica to Leeuwarden (again in the north of the Netherlands) to visit the "Northern Squares” with Piet Walhout, caller.



Then from Haarlem, Debbie T. went to a square dance weekend in the village of Lage-Vuursche in the middle of the country.  It was organized by the N.V.S. (Nederlandse Volksdans Stichting), a foundation special for Dutch folkdance.  There she was handed over to Fien and Han.


So, Anja and Johan took Debbie T. for a club dance in Haarlem – west of Amsterdam.  During the time she was at Anja’s and Johan’s place she was also calling (picture at right) – we don’t know if all the movements were ok.


From The Flintstones Square Dance Club, caller Erik Pluylaar (below left), and now also starting up round dancing with cuer, Robertine Walhout (below right), - Debbie T. was handed over to the oldest square dance club in the Netherlands, “The Tulip Twirlers."


After a week or two we took her to our club, “The Flintstones,” in Amersfoort in the middle of the Netherlands.  The name Flintstones has nothing to do with the couple, Fred and Wilma Flintstone from the TV series.  During the ice age, approximately some 250,000 years ago, the ice from Scandinavia brought us sand and stones scraped from the mountains in Norway, Sweden, Finland and from the bottom of the Baltic Sea.  One of these very big stones (from Sweden) was found near the town, Amersfoort, and they called it a flint.

From Hamburg she went to the home of Janny and Peter.

From Düsseldorf, Debbie T., complete with Rollin Squares dangle, went with us to Hamburg  (without a dancing program).  And there we took her with us to show her the so called “ Reeperbahn.”  This may be the most famous “red light” district of Germany – and well-known in Europe.  We showed her this only by daylight because she’s too young… [editor's note:  The  Reeperbahn is a street and entertainment district in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, one of the two centres of Hamburg's nightlife (the other being Sternschanze) and also the city's major red-light district. In German, it is also nicknamed die sündigste Meile (the most sinful mile) and Kiez.  The Reeperbahn Festival is among the largest club festivals.]

Debbie T. Bear's  travel story to The Netherlands  (Holland, if you wish).


First, we learned that the “father” of Debbie T., “Pop” Fred Meiwald passed away.

We hope that his wife, “Mom” Bonnie, and the rest of the relatives are doing o.k..


During the weekend of Friday, October 12, 2012, through Sunday, October 14, 2012,  Janny and Peter Mekkes, living in the small village of Ten Boer some 12 km north of Groningen, Netherlands, were visiting the Paderborn Rodeo Square Dance weekend in Germany. Paderborn is a well-known town for army people located near the former East German border.  The total number of participants that weekend was 680 from 7 different countries.  They were, in alphabetical order:  Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden representing a total number of 130 clubs.  [editor's note:  in 2017, Gordana and Dirk would hand off Julie T Bear to another couple at the Paderborn Rodeo.]


From the nice couple, Chris and Andy, of the Squarecompany square dance club in  Düsseldorf, Germany, we took over Debbie T. and we promised to take care of her and bring her for a visit to the Netherlands.  [editor's note:  Julie T Bear would visit Squarecompany in March, 2017 with Gordana and Dirk.]

Picture at left from left to right:  Peter , Janny, Undine, Andy, Debbie (bear), Chris and Poldi (dinosaur).

Bev T Bear in Indio

(12NOV18)  On Sunday morning, Bev T Bear, of the Good Times Traveling Bears Program, made a surprise appearance at the Riverside County festival. Last we heard back in May 2018, Dave and Dee Ann had taken Bev to Texas. Well, she was given to Gary Shoemake at the square dance to be put up for adoption. Kathleen, of the Circulators Square Dance Club in San Diego, eagerly took her under her wing. We hope to hear of her travels soon!

Bev T Bear in Indio

Bev T Bear is in the Lone Star State.  Dave and Dee Ann took Bev T Bear to visit the Wagon Wheel Squares in Abilene, TX, on May 1st, 2018.  Their caller, Tracey Dowell, aims to take her dancing with the Levi’s and Lace Square Dance club in Ozuna, TX.  Bev is sporting a new Tracey Dowell Fan dangle along with her Wagon Wheel Squares dangle.  Bev is pictured above with the Wagon Wheel's club president, Roy and Philda.

(April 13, 2018) Bev T Bear prepares to embark on an adventure with Dave and Dee Ann as they continue on their RV journey across the United States.  Thanks for visiting and for taking care of Bev.  We hope to hear of her travels in the near future.

Bev T Bear
Dave and Dee Ann take custody of Bev T Bear

(October 13, 2017) Julie T Bear on her way to the Pader Rodeo in Paderborn. This will be her 50th event with Dirk and Gordana and at the same time her first meet with the new "Square Dance Foster Family" - where will she go?

Looking for a Foster family for Julie at the Pader Rodeo....



Julie says goodbye to Gordana and Dirk and goes to Denmark - with Susanne and Vagn from "The Diamonds" square dance club in Aalestrup - way out in the north of Denmark.


Julie T Bear at the 40th "Black Cat Dance" of the Kanalhoppers Minden.


Julie's last visit of a club evening with Dirk and Gordana took her to the Kanalhoppers Minden, who celebrated their 40th "Black Cat Dance" - i.e. the 40th Friday the 13th since the club was founded.

Julie T Bear checking out Cologne at the Crowns & Flames.

Can you believe it? We had so much fun with the Crowns & Flames - and we forgot to take a picture of the dance!

But at least Julie got to pose beside the Dom of Cologne

A couple of Good Timers visited the home club of Edwina T Bear, the Belles and Beaux of Glen Rock, New Jersey, and her caretaker, Arlene.

Day of German Unity in Datteln - Joe Kromer and Steffen Knott


Julie T Bear celebrates Day of German Unity in Datteln with Joe Kromer and Steffen Knott and the Square Breakers.

Day of German Unity in Datteln - Julie keeps an eye on the floor.

A first for Julie T Bear - The Teutonic Tramps & Drivers in Bielefeld asked Julie to call for them. So now she is thinking about going to Caller School soon.


The dancers were quite happy with Julie calling.

Yes, she can-can. Julie T Bear at the Red Rebels Recklinghausen 5th Anniversary Dance.

Gordana reports: Red Rebels Recklinghausen had their 5th Anniversary. Julie wanted to try out some different dance - so while we were squaring up she had a look around the saloon....

...where she met some dubious persons.

According to Gordana, Julie T Bear has a new admirer.

(Aug 2017) Dancing at the SquareBreakers in Recklinghausen. Again Julie helped retrieve a banner of the Crossing Swords. It was a nice evening dancing to Steffen Knott, a young German caller. And we had our youngest member with us - Kathi - who fell in love with Julie.

Julie T Bear is back on tour -


Gordana reports:

Summertime is always a little low on Square Dance events. So the Kanalhoppers Minden decided to go travelling and nick the banner of the Hugging Hoofers Hameln in Emmenthal.


Thirteen Kanalhoppers plus Julie were enough to get their banner.  Thank you, Julie!


. . . and yes, their banner is a T-shirt!

Julie T Bear is hanging out with the youngsters:

Julie at the 10th Anniversary of the Lion Squares Germany in Göttingen.

The Lion Squares are a youth club - dancers between the ages of 8 and 30 - in Germany. Eight young dancers from Hamburg founded the club in 2007 and by now there are over 300 members all over Germany and even some from abroad like Austria and Wales. They engage in Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, and Contra.

They had three callers for their anniversary - Jack Borgström, Maarten Weijers, and Tommy Schneeberger - calling Mainstream, Plus, A1 and A2.

Is there such a thing as too much cake? Julie T Bear says, "I must dance!"

Gordana reports: Julie in Osnabrück - in between birthday parties Julie decided to go to even more square dancing and dance some of these additional calories off - pooh all that cake!

Had lots of fun with the Osna-Wheel Dancers.

Let her eat cake! Julie T Bear goes to an anniversary dance!

Who's Calling? in Nienburg - that seems to have been the most asked question when this pretty new club was founded. So they decided to keep this as their name.

Had a nice evening with the class as well as with Mainstream and Plus squares, dancing to their - obviously found - caller Oliver Gräfing.

A pleasant surprise for Julie was that it was their first anniversary - so Julie got to enjoy their birthday cake.

Gordana reports that Julie T Bear returned to Langenhagen:

Hello From Julie - she went to the SummerDance of the Square Couples Langenhagen - close to Hannover Airport. Apart from the great caller Petra there was a special caller present - Heiner Fischle, who has been calling for 45 years now and introduced us to some traditional squares.


Julie T Bear was princess for a day. She couldn't believe her ears when she found out they'd be dancing in a castle. But there she was with the Castle Dancers of Kreuzau.

Last Friday Julie T Bear was recruited by the Crossing Swords to participate in a banner stealing raid on her distant relatives the Broom Bears in Moers. The raid was successful and exhilarating. You can see from the picture that she is flushed with success.

July began for Julie T Bear with a visit to the Lower Rhine Squares in Moers for the Midsommar 2017 dance in memory of their caller Anders Blom.

Gordana reports: " It was the 6th Midsommar Special - actually a Swedish Holiday - celebrated in Germany and initiated by Anders Blom, our caller from Sweden, who founded three Clubs in Germany. However, he could not be with us on stage as he passed away in February - far too early and too sudden! So we held it in his memory, with two special callers - Nils Trottmann and his best friend, Thorsten Gepperd. It was an awesome special!"

Julie T Bear was back in action from June 23-25 visiting old friends at the big Heartie Party in Hannover. Celebrating 40 Years! There were 800 dancers in five halls dancing to eleven callers.

Gordana reports that the event was sensational but the karaoke after party with the callers was the bomb! "Have you ever heard a caller sing a WHOLE song? They did a good job although, every now and then, they could not resist adding an allemande left or a circle to the right."

Was it kismet, fate, destiny, pure chance?  Call it what you will.  A bear who went missing from the den has been found.  At the 66th National Square Dance Convention in Cincinnati there was a reunion, of sorts.  After the closing ceremonies our Good Timers were sought out by Arlene from the Belles & Beaux Square Dance Club of New Jersey.  She came bearing a bear.  She wanted to let the club know that Edwina T Bear was doing well and had been square dancing her little paws off since she came under Arlene's charge back in '08.

Julie T Bear's long weekend of dancing culminated Sunday, June 18th, with a visit to the Crazy Ping Pongs in Essen for an advanced dance with Corinna and JR calling. As they called, Julie kept a watchful eye.

(June 16) Winning friends and influencing people, Julie T Bear found herself with the Funny Dolphin Twirlers in Duisburg on Friday.  Lots of young dancers (some pictured here) - we sure could use some youth.  Julie even befriended a dolphin. Kangaroos, witches and dragons, penguins, geese, hobby horses, donkeys and now dolphins.  She has made a veritable menagerie of new friends.

(June 17) Gordana reports that Julie T Bear experienced SQUANTRA in Langenfeld - old times SQUAres and coNTRA to modern music.  It was a very interesting experience with three callers.  We did some interesting Contra dances.  Quite an experience for square dancers.  They had to remember a few sequences - very hard if you are used to only doing things when being told so by the caller.

(June 15)  After Iserlohn Julie T Bear headed back to Solingen to visit with her old friends, the Crossing Swords. Plus im Quadrat - this workshop boggled the mind. And Julie was just an observer!

(June 14) Julie T Bear headed south from Wilhelmshaven to Iserlohn to dance with the Sunflowers. This was the beginning of a five day square dance marathon.

Julie T Bear joined the Ocean Wave Square Dancers in Wilhelmshaven for their  33rd annual Schlick Dance.

The weekend started off ordinarily enough with a trail-in dance.  But, on Sunday morning it was off to the North Sea shore to dance in the mud!  She wasn't too sure about getting her paws dirty.

Now it was time to rest up.  The next week would be a whirlwind of dancing.

(June 5) Julie T Bear rang in the month of June by going to the Hummel dance in Hamburg featuring two callers from Sweden.  


Each day the dance would begin with the Hamburger greeting of "Hummel, Hummel - Mors, Mors."  This phrase has its origin with a Hamburg water carrier from the early 1800's who was teased by the town children.

Julie makes friends with some skippies!

(20MAY2017) Gordana reports that Julie T Bear was at the Spargel Dance in Nienburg.

It was a perfect day, first we danced at the farmers market in front of the Nienburg Town Hall. Then we continued our dance at the Weserschlösschen - the Weser Castle - with an all-you-can-eat asparagus buffet.


This dance was organised by the Country Skippers - and Julie made friends with a few skippies.

There were 111 dancers at the old town of Nienburg.

Julie T Bear and a case of mistaken identity - of sorts!

Gordana reports:

     "Paging Julie Bear from Las Vegas. Julie, would you please come to the stage after this tip?"

     On the 1st of May the Delme Squares had their 14th Birthday party in Delmenhorst and we signed Julie in their GuestBook - little did we know that this would lead to misunderstandings.

Well, some club members received a travelling Canadian goose from the Elora Grand Squares, Ontario, Canada and hoped they could help her back home - at least in the right direction by handing her over to Julie from Las Vegas.

     After realizing that Julie herself was a travelling bear - they had to find another couple - and the goose will have to stay in Germany and wait for another chance to cross that "Great Pond."

(April 23, 2017 - Julie T Bear headed south for some square dancing and a post-dance sip of Riesling.)

Gordana reports: With the Vineyard Weasels in Langenlonsheim.

Obviously the special yesterday with the 666 was not enough exercise. On Sunday Julie came along to the Vineyard Weasels and their special Club Afternoon with three callers - Paul Bristow, Jack Kirchgatter and Dieter Bremm calling Plus intro A1 / A1 intro A2 / A2 intro C1.

We all had much fun learning one or two different figures of the next level.

(April 22, 2017 - Julie T Bear was intrigued by the Rhinestone 666 club and so another visit to Niederkassel was in order - on their special night!)

Gordana reports: Julie returned to the RhineStone 666 for their '666 Highlight.'

It was a great special with some 200 dancers and two top callers - Oliver Küster and Andreas Nissen.

And the best was - as always - the Highlight (a sketch performed by the club during the evening break). This time they showed us how they founded the club 25 years ago at the river Rhine. And that they had to fight the devil himself, as he felt invited by the number 666.

(April 16, 2017)  Julie T Bear: an Inspiration 

Remember when Julie visited the Crossing Swords in Solingen? One of the members is also a member of the "High Speed Traveler" Club which meets only once a year for a dance. And he thought, why should it only be bears that travel the world, when we are the real travellers? So he bought this little trailer, built a very sturdy box and sent it together with Julie way up to the north of Germany.

Here they both visited the Easter Dance (in Plön) organized by the Percolators. You might even recognize some of the callers in the background? Björn, Anne and Sandy?

(April 9, 2017)  Julie T Bear visited the Rhine Stone 666 square dance club (Triple Six).  The club was founded at kilometer 666 of the Rhine river - that's where their name comes from, so of course Julie wanted to see for herself.

(April 3, 2017)  Jan (Kador) and Julie T Bear at the Hannover Hearties. A  fabulous evening of Mainstream / Plus / A1/A2 - all in one Club Evening (2 halls and 2 callers).

Then on to Bochum and another first for Julie T Bear - a selfie!


(March 27, 2017)  Julie lost in the Bermuda Triangle in Bochum (Editor's Note:  The Bermudadreieck (Bermuda Triangle) in the center of Bochum is the designation for an area with a high density of bars and restaurants) - luckily found again at the SquareZ flirting with the caller - Jörg Biewald!


(March 24, 2017)  Julie T Bear at the Co-Obi-Nates-SDC in Burgwedel (close to Hannover):  Obi is well known for his "half" or "quarter" or even "sixteenth" figures in A2.  So Julie had much fun watching us struggle through a very challenging tip.

Julie T Bear rides a horse for the first time!

(March 18, 2017) Michael Kellogg and Joachim Rühenbeck say hello to Julie having fun at the 22nd Hobby Horse Dance in Beelen.

Julie and Carlos in Wuppertal


Gordana reports that Julie T Bear and Carlos the Penguin have become fast friends.  And Julie is about to take her first ride in a suspended train!

(March 15, 2017) From Gordana:  Julie the Bear and Carlos the Penguin! Yesterday, Julie helped nick a banner from the Double You Squeezers in Wuppertal.  Their banner is a little penguin called Carlos.  As their natural habitat does not overlap they had no problems staying together in one car, so we did not have to separate them.  Tomorrow they will both take the "Schwebebahn" and float across Wuppertal to take Carlos to his foster family with the Crossing Swords in Solingen.

(March 25, 2017) During a private get-together in Beelen we found enough dancers and even a caller for a nice dance.

22nd Hobby Horse Dance in Beelen

Julie T Bear swigged some altbier in Düsseldorf.

(March 8, 2017) From Julie in Düsseldorf:  I visited the Squarecompany in Düsseldorf. Guess who was calling! Oliver Küster. And believe it or not he and his wife were dancing to Andy Finch on 8th February 2013 at the Good Times Square & Round Dance Club! So a big hello to all of you in Las Vegas from Düsseldorf!

And they even had a photograph to prove it!

(March 7, 2017) Julie T Bear is in Solingen, Germany - the "City of Blades."

From Julie in Germany: I visited the oldest Square Dance Club in North Rhine-Westphalia (founded in 1965) - the Crossing Swords in Solingen.

(March 6, 2017)  Julie T Bear's back in L-town, but with a different club!

Julie: witnessed an awesome A2 session with the Triangle Squares in Langenfeld.


March 4, 2017:  Julie T Bear mingles with witches and dragons! Here's her report.

From Julie in Germany: At the Lucky Eliott Dance with Witches and Dragons! - The Lucky Eliotts have long stopped existing, but the Lucky Eliott Dance was such fun that the new club "Witch Hunters" decided to keep it up. So the Lucky Eliotts have only one single Club Evening per year, i.e. on the Eve of the Lucky Eliott Dance hosted by the Witch Hunters.

There were many youngsters at this dance! Here's my foto with the two callers and some of the younger dancers.

And here are some witches assuring that everyone had fun at the 32nd Lucky Eliott Dance!

I joined the dragons who came to the Lucky Eliott.


Gordana reports that Julie T Bear was in Dortmund. I wonder if she will get to see BVB play?

Carnival in Germany: Went to dance with the Hellweg Shufflers in Dortmund. The caller was a "Cheese-Head"


(I have been informed that he is called a "cheese-head" because he is from the Netherlands.)

(26FEB2017) Julie T Bear has been having fun this past week. She travels far and wide from her home base in Paderborn. I'll let her tell you about it.

Hello from Julie: Still in Germany and having fun with the Square Couples in Langenhagen - close to Hannover Airport.

A Panda Bear visits the Donkey Dance! Had a lot of fun with the Donkeys in Unna. They had a workshop with Paul Bristow from the UK - and man, did he call!

Julie - Bewildered: Sunday at the L-Town Juicers in Langenfeld - everything went to the left. And if it went to the right - it was half sasheyed! Wow!

. . . and now the rest of the story from


Bonnie T. Bear

Annette & Tony Instone met and were presented with Bonnie T. Bear by Michael Mills in Rockhampton, Australia. They were visiting The Rocky Twirlers in July 2016 following the Australian National Square & Round Dance Convention, which was held in Buderim. Bonnie is now residing with Fantail City Squares in Upper Hutt, a city near Wellington, New Zealand. She is a well traveled bear having been to Oslo, several clubs in the USA and Australia and now residing in New Zealand.

(Last Thursday - 23FEB17 - at 7:42 PM)

Hello from Germany (19FEB2017)

Well, this couple seems to dance all week long. Tuesday we went to the Kanalhoppers in Minden (1), their home club when they are at their "country house". Wednesday then we danced with the Dancing Knights Baukau in Herne (2) at a nice Italian restaurant. Thursday we danced some very challenging A2 with the Double Diamonds in Bergheim (3,4). Friday then I met some people who have already visited our club here in Las Vegas, the president and vice president Manfred and Gisela (5) - and another dancer: Hermann the German (6) (he learned SquareDance in 1954 and has been dancing ever since and has visited 481 clubs so far - only surpassed by his wive who has 524 clubs!! Saturday then was again very special because Dirk and Gordana went to a private dance - they did 5 hours of very challanging PLUS Hexagon with Claus Warneke in Leiferde (7). Pooh, I'm quite looking forward to a quiet Sunday!  (Julie T Bear)

Donna T Bear and Bonnie T Bear

From: Rachelle (19FEB2017)

Hello from Australia! We are from Rockhampton Queensland and I just thought I would drop you a message to say we have a bear! Donna bear is currently visiting our club. We also had Bonnie T bear with us back in July last year however was passed on to a couple from New Zealand.

Here is Donna Bear with our caller Michael Mills (top left)

And here is Bonnie T Bear being handed to the New Zealand dancers (top right)

The Adventures of Julie T Bear

Hello from Germany

The trip from Hawaii to Germany was quite long, but I got over my jet lag and was introduced to Thorsten Geppert's club - believe it or not - Hang Loose. Here I danced A2, A1 and Plus with all in all 8 squares! My plans for the future are to visit a few German Clubs until the next special of Hang Loose, the Pader Rodeo, when I plan to travel on to - well, who knows where, all I know it will be the couple who lives furthest. So it might be Norway, Sweden, or the Netherlends. Or even China or Japan, we'll see.

Bye for now Julie - Bear


How ironic that Julie travels from Hawaii to Paderborn, Germany and winds up at a square dance club called Hang Loose.  Click on her picture and check out her dangle!

The bear's out of the bag!  It has been reported that Julie T Bear attended Mike Sikorsky's caller school in Indio prior to setting sail for Hawaii and then heading off to Europe.  What's her game plan? Should we look for her on the caller's circuit soon?

From: "Bunny Adams" <>

Date: February 4, 2017 at 11:32:45 AM PST

To: "Phillips Jo Anne" <>, "McGonigal Larry & Cindy" <>, "Goe Julie" <>, "Chapman David  & Rose Marie" <>

Subject: Aloha

Just received a call from Julie Bear’s handlers in Hawaii.  The festival is over and they are going to board the cruise ship and cruise the islands!!!  Julie is going to be passed off to a couple from Germany.  Man she is living the dream.  Hope someone hears of her travels from here out.

ALERT ALERT ALERT!  Julie T Bear is on the move!  She is heading to Europe.  Stay tuned for further information and, hopefully, pictures.

Julie T. Bear is in Hawaii!

     All indications are that she is having a wonderful time and wishes we were there.

From: Bunny Adams
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2017 12:54 PM
To: Phillips Jo Anne ; McGonigal Larry & Cindy
Subject: Julie the bear

Got this message from Norm & Susan Howard of St George.  They have arrived in Hawaii with Julie in tow!!!  Rosemarie had her at the dance on Friday so she lucked out that Howard's were heading to Hawaii.

I asked if the bear was named for Julie (had sent it to Hanson's & Julie - she did not know if she had a bear named for her.)

Thought you would like to see her in Hawaii.  I am sure she will have a blast in Hawaii.  Wish we were there with all of them.

News on Fred T. Bear 


July 16, 2016


We got Fred T. Bear when we were in Orlando, FL. We are with the Docey Dandies in Gardner, KS. Last night we were told at a dance by this family from Hawaii they may be at our dance tonight so we are hoping to send him on his way. I think they are going to Alaska before they head home so it is hard to tell when he will end up next.


He is doing really good (hard to think of him as a boy though since he has cute little heart shaped peaches hanging from his ear).

He said to tell you all HI from him and wishes you could be dancing at as many places as him!


Thank you for sharing him with us,


Donna & Charlie Valizan – Past Presidents

Docey Dandies Square Dance Club – Gardner, KS

Presidents 2012-2013; 2013-2014; 2014-2015


News on Tom T. Bear   (April 10, 2016)

Dear parents of the Good Times Traveling Bears,

I am happy to inform you that Tom T. Bear who had joined me in Russia last year and spent some time in the Czech Republic where he met his brother Henry. They had a lot of talk about and they had a great time. Two weeks ago, Tom T. Bear went with me to the New Horizon Caller School in Munich, Germany. He decided to explore another part of our world and he joined Shaney who took him to Japan. I think you can expect to hear from him soon.



Tomas "Doug" Machalik Kladno, Czech Republic

From:                  Anne Mathas

Subject:              Greetings from Bonnie T Bear

Message:    Bonnie T Bear has arrived in Canberra, national capital city of Australia. Tomorrow night she will be introduced to the local square dance club, called Kerr-ly-Qs. She was handed to me at an annual square dance weekend in Bairnsdale, a country town in the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia. I am enjoying her company but will hand her on to another club in November at another big dance weekend. Bonnie T Bear sends her best wishes to her home club members and hopes they are not missing her.



Phone:   +61407940917



Sent on: 27 October, 2015

Susan T Bear Found in Memphis, TN
Fall of 2015

Bev T Bear returns to Las Vegas,

July 2015

Jim T Bear goes to Texas with the Lipscomb's.

Darryl with Jim T Bear

Bev T Bear is a world traveler.

She has been to Germany, Canada, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Oregon, Washington, Calgary, and many other sites during her travels.

Good Times welcomes Bev back to Las Vegas. 

Where will Bev go next?

Susan T Bear found by Deb & Tim, July 2015


Message Details:


Name Mark Fetzer

Subject Susan T Bear

Message Hello, My wife Susan Snider and I picked up Susan T. Bear at the National Convention in Springfield, Massachusetts. I am a caller and Susan is a cuer in Jacksonville, Florida. While in Springfield I took Susan T to several sites in the area. These included the Seuss Sculpture Garden and the Massachusetts Heritage Park in Holyoke where she rode the Merry-go-round. From Springfield we went to Cape Cod to visit friend and ride the Cape Cod Railtrail. Susan T Bear seemed to like Cape Cod. After Cape Cod we headed toward Chautauqua, New York. Along the way we stopped in Henrietta, NY and danced with the Boo Bull Squares. Alice and Gary Bubel are the cuer and caller ( Their last name is pronounced “boobull”). They gave Susan T Bear a dangle. After a few days with family we headed south and danced with the Frontier Squares in Milford Ohio on July 3rd for their Ice Cream Social. We are still on the road and will give another report next week. Mark Fetzer I keep getting a message that my email did not go thru. Hope this works.

Phone 904-908-5184


Address 5110 Santa Cruz Ln., Jacksonville, Fl., 32210

Sent on: 26 July, 2015

Thank you!

Tom T Bear


From: Melani Henke <>Date: 04/26/2015 06:34 (GMT-06:00)To: justme308@aol.comSubject: Fw: Tom travels to Barden Foxes


Hallo Debbie Bailey,


Tom danced with the SeeveTaler in Ramelsloh at 30th of March and in the following afternoon 1st of April with the Hexagon Plus in Ahrensburg. Furthermore, at the same day Tom danced in the evening with the Barden Foxes in Bardowick (my homeclub). Then on 7 th April Tom joined the Challengers, with level A 2 in Hamburg, in which I'm also a member. After this he went to Hildesheim and Braunschweig.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Best wishes,




Gesendet: Montag, 30. März 2015 um 17:29 UhrVon: "Melani Henke" <>An:  bonfredm@embarqmail.comBetreff: Tom travels to Barden Foxes


Dear dancers from Good Times Square and Round dance Club of Las Vegas,

Yesterday, I got Tom from the Barbarossa Promenaders seated in Gelnhausen, Hesse, Germany, which I visited.  Myself, I dance at Barden Foxes in Bardowick, near Lüneburg, Lower Saxony in the north of Germany. I think, Tom is a really fantastic idea and I'm amazed. Tom danced with us, awesome.

On Easter weekend, I'm going to travel to Plön, Schleswig-Holstein. We will dance with about hundred Dancers. I will try to give Tom to another country of Europe to let his journey getting more exciting.

I looked for the journey of Tom at your homepage. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any story about his travel. Could you please inform me about his past trip?


Thank you very much and always happy dancing,





-------Original Message-------

From: werner heller

Date: 05/2/15 03:25:36

Subject: Tom T. Bear from Las Vegas


Hallo friends of Squaredance,


the lucky mascot „Tom T. Bear“ arrived a few days ago at the northern part of Germany – lower saxony. Tom gave a guest performence at the „Square Dreamers“ in Hildesheim and also at the „Leine Valley Squares“ in Hannover. Now we will send him to the southern part of Germany.


Best regards from

Werner Heller

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