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30 Plus years ago, I started my Professional Square Dance Calling career, with a new club, The Good Times Squares in Las Vegas NV., and a recording contract!  The club celebrated their anniversary tonight and Honored Cory and me for our years of dedication & service.  A great crowd, and lots of old friends & even more memories.  Special thanks to our good friend Don & Karen Baltz, Larry & Cindy McGonigal, Don & Jane Hanson, and WAY too many others who work so hard for the club!  We truly Love you all!  Let the Good Times ROLL!

Andy Finch and Romney Tannehill perform "Let The Good Times Roll" at the anniversary dance on March 10, 2017.

The crowd begins to gather.

Pre-festivity festivities.
Meet and greet.

Square 'em up!

Square 'em up!
First tip!

A wee bit of an Irish round dance.

Chicken walk or Irish jig?
Irish jig anyone?

The cast of characters.

Tony and Lee
Steve and Jackie
Ron and Sue
Steve and Shawnee
Ron and Linda
Larry and Cindy
Mike and Karen
Mike and Carol and Rita
Randy and Glenda and Jim and Cathy
Jim and Jeanie
Jim and Joan
John and Rosie
Joe and Julia
Grant and Ruth
Gaylen and Georgia
Don and Karen

Warren and Barbara celebrate 60th wedding anniversary!

Warren and Barb and daughters
The Cake
Warren and Barb

. . . and Frank visits from California (Thanks Michelle!)

Frank and Mickey

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